Born in South Africa 1959.
Studied at Stellenbosch , National Service in the navy,
before striking out to explore the Antipodes.
Was a film cameraman until the realisation dawn that producers and directors
never carried anything. My kind of job!
Specialised in natural history (I could wear boardies, did not need $140 haircuts and slept in a swag loads..) However I also dipped my big toe into the murky waters of drama, light entertainment, sport, current affairs and even reality (yes I can sip pretentious wine, hold a discourse on the works of Camus and act elitist).
Took a break for adventure. Taught punters to scuba dive and ran charters for bill fishermen. I realised that my paying adventurers were simply ad agency clients on their holidays...
Joined an ad agency as a writer, creative and stayed until they made me CD. Another agency decided they wanted me as their CD , they had a bigger beer fridge, had an agency band and BBQ's every Friday. Sounded like the perfect rationale for a shift.
Missed sleeping in a swag and the sound of the bush. So I went back to creating wild life escapes for armchair Hemingways.

My life lives in my head, my body can be found in Australia and sometimes Auckland. I shoot stills, I write ads, I produce television, I sculpt, but mostly I worship my stunning wife of 20 years.


  • Writer
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Photographer
  • Sculptor